We carefully recruit our tutors who have acquired extensive experiences in teaching preparatory classes, such as TOEFL and IELTS. Moreover, in order to ensure the best chance for our students to achieve the target score, we enhance our tutors with necessary means of skill, knowledge, and our proven methodology which enable them to deliver a premium quality of teaching sessions to our students. We believe that a good quality of tutors alone without any high standard learning materials will not create the expected result, thus we also provide each session with our relevant and proven materials to catapult the end progress of all our students.

Kursus Bahasa Inggris Di Bandung

Individualized, Customized Learning Plans

Our sessions are small group and private with only 1 to 4 college students in every group. Therefore, the subtances used in each session are tailor-made to specially fit in the student’s performance. 

We cautiously designed the materials based totaly on our experiences in coaching preparatory instructions classes since 2007.  

We established our english learning center with a belief that every college student has different capability in soaking up lessons. Hence, we designed our particular tutoring packages which can assist college students acquiring briliant language abilities in simple and sensible way.

Skill teaching oriented provides more chance to success

Developing any abilities isn’t the same as analyzing or cramming for an exam. It takes awhile for a pupil to accumulate the talent and to turn out to be gifted at it. Since gaining knowledge of a brand new language is much like learning a talent, a pupil preparing for an English worldwide exam, which include iBT TOEFL or IELTS, needs greater time to higher utilize their information to perform nicely in those tests.

TELC is touchy to the needs of those college students gone through the training time to face one of the global exams, as we provide extra sessions excluded from the preparatory course sessions.


Thank you TELC for always believes in me! My prediction score in IELTS was 5.5 and after I finished my courses in TELC, my score increased to 7.0. Thank you again TELC!
Maria Astrid Susanti
September 10, 2016
My IELTS prediction score was 4.5 and after having 10 class sessions in TELC, I successfully increased my score to 6.5 (with no band less than 6.0). Their teaching method was brilliant, yet easy to understand. With my current IELTS score, I am sure that I will be successful with my scholarship application and start my study in Australia very soon! Thank you TELC.
Andi Azka F. Putri
August 23, 2016
TELC makes English easier to understand. I got many tips and trick how to learn English effectively. I even always wait for the class, haha... If you want to improve your English, TELC is the right place
Anton Vijja Nanda
May 26, 2016


TELC offers on session practice and off session practice. As a student, you are entitled both on and off session practice.

On session practice is the face to face practice with a tutor when students receiving lessons in classroom.

Off session practice is a self-study session. The materials are homework or provided materials at TELC for students to enhance their understanding of the given skills and theory in the classroom session.

You can contact us by filling the form on our website and then we will contact you shortly.

When you register to us, we will assign a tutor to handle the session. Each tutor we assigned has an expertise in particular skills such grammar, litening, speaking, reading or writing.

Yes, you will work with the same tutor on the same skills you are learning in a term.

Yes, you can access all the materials on our website.

Each on session practice, Online or Offline, lasts for two hours. The number of sessions each term will depend on which program you are enrolled to.

However, you can have the off session practice any time within our working hour everyday.

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