Existence of God

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Once a barber said to his customer, “I ain’t believe that God exists”.

“Why do you say so ???” replied the customer.

Then the barber said, “Tell yea this, you see over there, across the street. You know there’s no God. Tell me, if there’s a God, has anyone gotten sick??? Have any children gotten neglected??.  If there’s a God, there’s no sickness nor sufferance. I can’t imagine God, who’s all-loving, will let those things happen.” 

The customer quietly sat as he thought it thoroughly, but he got no response from him as he didn’t want to confront the barber.

The barber then finished his job, and the customer left the barber’s shop.

A moment after he’d left the shop, he saw a man on the street with long dirty wavy, coarse dread hair and unshaven whiskers. The man looked dirty and down at heel. 

The customer rushed back to the barber and said, “you know there’s no barber.”

The barber couldn’t take it and reply, “how dare you to say that ??”. “This is me, and I’m a barber. And I’ve just had your hair cut!”.

“NO!” The customer yelled at the barber. “There’s no such thing as a barber. Otherwise, there’s no lengthy and filthy hair man like the man outside the shop; the customer pointed outside through the window as he added his comments.

“No way, but there’s still barbers!” the barbers argued. “What you’ve seen is their fault; why ain’t they come to me” the barber replied in self-defence.

“That’s it!” the customer agreed. “That’s the point! Same as God, There’s a God! But then what happened? People don’t come to Him and care nothing about looking for Him. That’s why people get sick and suffer from discommodity in this world.”

The barber stood still, petrified !!!

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