Is Smoking Good For You ?

By Elji

Under many circumstances, smoking is bad for you. This behavior has long been censured as it carries endless ill-effects on health and wealth. The effects may not be immediate, but the health and wealth damages can last for years.

Countless proven medical records all over the globe have shown that this habit is able to affect people with lethal diseases for the smokers and people around. When burning a cigarette, more than 7,000 dangerous chemicals are released. Furthermore, people may think that secondhand smoke has lower health risks; however, it is as dangerous as mainstream smoke. Your spouse, children, and pet will be prone to cardiovascular, respiratory diseases, and myriad types of cancers. World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 1.2 million people died prematurely per year due to this exposure. Thus, the drawback of health of this activity is highly immeasurable.

Furthermore, smoking jeopardizes your financial health. Average Indonesian cigarette consumption is 12,3 sticks per day or 369 per month which equals Rp.538.408. As a strong continuous habit, the increased pressure of expenditure will emerge. Hence, smokers may not be aware of the potential money that can be distributed for other significant needs such as their children’ education, pension, or vacation budget with their loved ones.

To conclude, smoking certainly brings more harms than good, especially on your health and your wealth. The repulsive effects of poisonous chemicals present in tobacco will impact your health and other beings around you. It also adds financial burden where your money is better spent for other vital needs.

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