Run Out Loo Rolls

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I went out earlier to buy a few bits from the local Tesco, a loo roll being one of the required items. Shelves were empty. I decided to go to Sainsbury’s; the frames were open. Only having a few rolls left indoors, desperation forced me to go to Asda; the shelves were empty. Local co-op has the same story. Ahh, I thought I had a Costco card. Let’s go there. I should also add that I have had a cold all week with a bit of a cough. The cough had gone but today, for some reason came back.

By the time I got to Costco, I had a dry throat, and the cough made an untimely appearance. The loo rolls had just been delivered and were being unpacked, and they asked us to form an orderly queue. I was at the front, minding my business, coughing like crazy. Turn round, and it was so funny, there was a massive queue behind me, but the nearest person was at least 10 feet away from me. As I was coughing so much, I also started to have a flushed face. You can only imagine what they were all thinking “he has IT!”

Loo rolls in the trolley. I trundled down to the tills. They were 6 or 7 trolleys deep. Still coughing, sneezing into tissues. I have never seen a queue move so quickly. Those in front disappeared into other queues, and strangely no one queued behind me.

So I now have 45 loo rolls because you can only buy them in bulk at Costco. I expected everyone there simultaneously as I was now getting tested for IT. I have a terrible cold and a stupid cough; I also have enough loo roll for the next 4 to 5 weeks. If you are desperate and need a loo roll, you know where to come to!

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