The Angry Crab

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A couple of years ago, I went crab fishing with my friends. By the way, have you ever gone fishing for crabs? It’s exciting!! It would be best if you tried it some time, well anyway, here’s how we did it.

First, we tied a small rock to a bamboo stick through a one-meter string, then swung the stone to the crab. We intentionally disturbed the crab, hopefully, to make it angry.

We did it a couple of times, pulling and twitching the string. And after minutes of unsuccessful attempts, we finally managed to upset the crab; it started to ‘bite’ the line or the rock furiously by using its tweezers.

The crab must have carried away with its vengeance to viciously hold up its grab on our pity device as the crab would probably say, “Aha, I got you now; I won’t let you go.” And there we found our lunch… LoL

The next thing we did was carefully pull the string along with the crab to a big boiling pan we had prepared earlier. And then, we lowered the crab into the pan. Once the crab hit the boiling water inside the pan, it released its bite. And so, the crab’s reign was over indefinitely while we embellished our faces with a huge smiles.

The crab has been a victim of its rage. Small things, such as the little rock and the string, had quickly made the crab fly into a frenzy, making itself vulnerable to your manipulation.

Often, many people fall into deep trouble; They lose an opportunity, go down to a slumping career, or even lose everything. All because of the unmanageable ANGER. Therefore, when facing an unfortunate event or a discommodity from “a little rock”, it’s always better to face it wisely.

One way to dim off a boiling rage is by doing a practical meditation technique which includes postponing the “urge temptation” to respond to an upsetting situation immediately. This is how you do it; Stand back for a while by two or three minutes, take a deep breath, or even wash your face with water to cool things down.

Once a wise man said, “only fools rush.” I couldn’t agree more with it. Sometimes, you need to be tardy and languid in your response to the things you upset most if you are going to escape “the boiling pan”, which can ruin your precious future.

KMS Pico

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